• Tuesday, 16. July 2024 07:28

Another one Bites the Dust


And here we are again with the latest news around the Elite Force called Safe Space. Thanks all for tuning in Today. 

We have the exclusive opportunity to present to you today, and today only - the new, limited time only, Vyemm Dragon meat, fresh from the Skewer Squad.

Another First Kill for us, bringing us closer to the all completed what there is worth to kill. And as you all know us we hate Zerg META, so we low manned it with 69 peeps. 

On the way to the event, we also stumbled over a few more rather annoying dragons, which we butchered to tasty snacks on the go. 

We visited a few more friends of us which were in dire distress. Nothing then a good old handholding. There was also loot, but who cares about that eehh?

And yes, Safe Space is still recruiting. If you think you have it in you, to join and be part of our Safe Space, then hit up any member or recruitment officer near u. We will get you there. And who knows, maybe one day there is the chance to join the famous Skewer Group of our raid force. 

Above, Safe Space enjoying the Open Vulak Raid recently during an early Draft week Quake, Vulak Loot inclusive - and yes Taichi, lots of people are jealous. 


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