• Monday, 4. March 2024 13:16

Safe Christmas Everyone


Ho Ho Ho, it is this time of year, being freaking cold outside, perfect time to play P99 (after all the RL family drama has drunkenly surpassed us)

Of course, we have been busy not only on the RL side, but also in the game. Lots of Quakes over the festive season, were we could snag the one or other kill from our competition. 

With Double Loot enabled, some early Christmas presents were delivered in form of lots of DKP spent, and some nice plat farms dropped way more then anticipated

Some nice Christmas Server Wide Events happened along the days were Safe Space had some nice participation as well.

Our members also spent lots of time honing their leet raid skills, like how to die properly or doing events like "Last Man Standing". There were some clear experts within us, but you can judge yourself.

And some End Of Year Quotes for everyone:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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