• Monday, 17. June 2024 15:34

EPIC Safe Space, here we come


Safe Space is famous for many things: End Content Raiding, having fun and getting drunk on raids together (always free Ale), but foremost being a Safe Space for everyone around Norrath (and no, being "nice" is not one of them).

But there is something else, members, friends, imposters enjoy a lot with us. That is having people to work and help on achieving your EPIC. 

There are rumored to be many challenging, torturing quests back in the day on Live, and now of course on P99. Not many are as much feared as the EPIC Quest Line, introduced with Kunark. 

On P99 we will ever only see the Epic 1.0 (being a few additional iterations with later expansions), still lots of people never saw the end to it. Some say a few being easier then others (damn Earth Staff / Vessel Drozzlin / pick a choose), many steps soloable, others entire raid forces struggle. In the end it is one of the greatest achievements for every player (back on Live or in P99) to get at least one of their chars equipped with an Epic. For some Classes its still one of a BiS (Best in Slot) item. 

So here we are, with an EPIC collage, including most of the EPIC holders of Safe Space (some to be forgotten, but in so many pictures that happens, sorry) and some soon to become Holders of one of the most feared Questlines in Norrath. Congrats all on this epic achievement and thanks to all the hours spent helping of all the guildies within Safe Space, sacrificing time for others to at least once hold such a piece. 

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