• Monday, 17. June 2024 17:16

We are still killing it


Although some might think it has been quiet around Safe Space, we are still around having fun and drinking beer and all!!!

We had quite a sweep during the last few Quakes, adding a few more Guild First Kills to our Rooster, leaving pretty much only the real "Big Boys" on the table for us. Zlandi was probably the biggest success for us. 


Lots of Dragon Meat was served on the last BBQ party. Both Vulak and Vymm have fallen several times now under us together with our Fortress Members Kingdom and Castle. 

This all has added us a few more important Key's to Sleepers Tomb, where we will soon be visiting as well, being the last area open for us to explore. 


I'll keep it short :) Stay tuned for more news coming up


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