• Sunday, 26. May 2024 17:12

Vulak down by Safe Space


The day has come, the ultimate test for our little guild, getting a solo shot at an un-competitive Vulak.

With lots of other guilds watching closely we brought to them a big surprise. We killed Vulak in the first attempt. The biggest baddest Dragon in NToV got skewered by Safe Space.

For this day, lots of us tried to attend, our Euro/Asian players stayed up late (joined early), lots of retired people came back. Wifes were brought to tears, kids were left unattended, divorces filed. But seeing Vulak die in our hands was Safe Space's big day. A shot we don't get every day, being such a small guild. Still, we delivered the show we wanted. 

Grats on all the Loot:

We have won Everquest (lol). Safe Space and its members can rest in peace to finally retire. 


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