• Monday, 4. March 2024 13:58

VP Dragons convert to Pacifism, Loot Is All Ours


I think everybody can agree that the game is its own art form. So here we go, with our first solo Yelinak kill.

Presenting on oil canvas to the public exclusively today, Shinko (with cutlery) being ready for dinner with his favorite food, dragon meat still served hot and bloody. 

Especially the last quake was a huge success for our guild, pulling together and with great numbers, racking up several guild first solo kills. 

Loot has been flowing in steadily and in abundant numbers. We compiled a few screens from the last weeks treasures hunts. What else to do then to show off

We are working on even greater numbers for our guild. So if you have a fancy for us, hit us up, recruitment is in full swing. Below, only one way to grow the team (new Ogre Tank Kids in the making)

Quote of the weeks:




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