• Tuesday, 16. July 2024 07:31

New Achievement Unlocked: 24hr HoT Raid

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It was a crazy idea from the start, but we have been / are / and will be in future, a crazy guild. 


Safe Space community spans all timezones, from Japan/Australia/Malaysia spanning Europe to our US/Canadian team. So, this was a challenge we took.

Being the first event of its kind, we gathered in HoT to slay everything what came to us. We didn't know how long we could sustain, but damn we would try. 


After 24hrs, 100's of slaughtered inhabitants from ToV, several mini bosses, including some of our own hick-ups we can call this event a huge success. We pocketed stashes of loot and had lots of fun together. 

Everyone enjoyed the event, there was a steady in & outflux of members joining, but we kept the fighting going for the full 24hrs, which was an amazing achievement on its own. 


This event will soon return to a location near you!

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