• Monday, 4. March 2024 12:51

Have you contacted your Elf Lawyer already?!?


It has been good Dragon Slaying times lately. Lots of them lurking around and we can do what we are best in, chopping some dragon and enjoying dragon meat bbq afterwards. 


Quakes have been a bit rare lately, but this does not mean we can kill stuff during repop days. We had very good sessions, adding lots of solo kills to our list, bringing us closer to a full sweep. 

We added even a few Vulak/Vymm kills on top with our partners, making the last few weeks really enjoyable for most of us. 

And of course we help our guildies further in their Epic adventures, recently adding another 2 magi's with staff to our list, gaining 2 of our mages their epic. :) 

As some of you might have heard as well, Safe Space has had a small restructuring, to help simplify and improve our member experience and to make it enjoyable for every one. Invites are still going out, so if you want to join our team, to enjoy grouping or even dip your feet into raiding, come along and hit one of our officers (and hit them hard). 

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