• Tuesday, 16. July 2024 09:39

Clean Slate in ToV and much more


It is Draft Week, Woop Woop

Lots of stuff going on, first and foremost a few of the last Guild First Kills in the game for Safe Space. 

First, with Koi dying to our brave warriors and the rest of the diving crew, we finish the last mob of NTov & TOV as a whole. 

Then a certain something dragon roaming the Western Wastes had to get skewered from our Squad. We just needed to throw a few Shaman Offers at him, pleasing him and giving us the opportunity to unpack our Skewer. A nice lowman Klandi with 45 players being present. Another Sleepers Key in the pocket.

Sleepers, we are at the topic. We finally took the decision to head into Sleepers Tomb and have a nice look around, pocketing some Primals on the way out. And, the loot gods were gracious with us. Not only did we get 3 full spawns, we also got some nice Primals, 1H & 2Hs

And after a nice week of every day Sky, we also got a chance at the Hand of Veeshan. 

Including a lot of Monk Belts, but unfortunately no Cleric Necks (What??)

Quotes of the Season:


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