• Tuesday, 16. July 2024 08:01

Are you already dead, or still death looping


This was an exciting 2 weeks, with lots of fun and some nice raids and amazing lootz. 

Especially for one of our members, not mentioning names here. Pictures are way better, rofl.

Of course, some Dragon meat was on our menu again, our favorite. A few of those meaty deliciousness had to dust the bite, err bite the sand or whatever this dirty patch is. 

But this was not all, we cant having such a dreary diet. So we decided to add some giant meat, at least I think it was giant. The thingy had horns and all, but what ever, lets call it giant with horn meat. 

But cant recommend this stuff, just too fatty, and all this metal bits and pieces, just awful. I think we will stay with the dragon meats and all, just so tasty. 

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